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New tools for Eurekahedge subscribers
At Eurekahedge we are constantly creating new options to analyse information from several points of view, enabling you to see the most complete picture of the hedge fund industry, no matter how specialised the portfolio.
Sharpe Ratio Time Plot  

Over the years Eurekahedge has often identified Maddoff-esque funds that have later turned out to be fraudulent by the financial media and their investors. On the flip side there are some truly outstanding managers with consistent absolute returns. One of the easiest ways to pick out these extraordinary managers is by plotting funds’ sharpe ratios over time. This is a great feature for quickly categorizing funds by using the three fundamental metrics of returns, volatility and time.

  Compare Funds

A great tool for comparing a handful of fund’s qualitative and quantitative properties. We have recently added auto-complete options to make the selection process far more efficient.

Charting Tool  

Eurekahedge’s new and most powerful charting tool allows users to compare multiple funds and indices on the same graph. You can add as many funds and indices as you like, with fully adjustable time periods and a whole host of associated statistics over those time periods as output.

  Travel Plans

Eurekahedge Travel Plans allows hedge funds in the Eurekahedge database to share their upcoming business trips, allowing investors the opportunity to meet fund managers from other regions face-to-face. The service can be adjusted to automatically email investors when fund managers are visiting their city.


Data Alerts  

You can now flag funds that you would like to track, enabling you to receive an email notification whenever the details of the fund is updated. This way you will never miss the latest movements in NAV, AUM, performance, fees, or even style drift!

  Saved Searches

Simple – you perform a search, you like the results, save it for later!




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