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Industry Report

The Eurekahedge Report is the only widely distributed monthly source of in-depth and comprehensive information on the hedge fund industry. The report, which comes in hard copy every quarter, features expert and exclusive perspectives on asset flow updates, hedge fund performance and key trends of selected funds.

The Eurekahedge Monthly E-newsletter is the free supplementary monthly electronic publication, highlighting the latest index data from the Eurekahedge databases and featuring interviews with fund managers and articles from experts on hedge funds, private equity funds and specialist funds. The monthly e-newsletter is currently distributed to around 100,000 industry professionals from around the world.

Bespoke Research

For targeted data and tailored project, feasibility studies and market analyses are also provided based on the specialised needs and requirements of the client.

For more information on Eurekahedge's services and subscriptions, please contact us at +1 212 308 4272 (US office) or +65 6212 0900 (Singapore office), or email us at

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