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The Asian Hedge Fund Party of the Year 2007
April 2007

With the 4th Annual Masters of Asian hedge awards just 10 days away, we are preparing a wonderful evening. Over 440 people are confirmed to attend and enjoy a night of great food, interesting new people and glamour.

The event will be held at the Ritz Carlton on 25 May 2007. The evening starts at 7pm but if last year is anything to go by, be prepared to be out till the sun comes up.

Click here for nominations

As with last year, 10% of the profits from this event will be donated to the RICE charity, Returns Invested in Children and Education. The wonderful Danielle Fraser, administrator of the charity, will be there on the evening to tell everyone about the worthwhile charities RICE has allocated to in the past year and how the project has developed since we launched it at last year's event. We will also be holding an auction to raise funds for the charity. Last year’s event raised almost US$100,000 for children's educational charities across Asia. For more information on RICE, please visit or contact

Our wonderful sponsors have come on board again to show the community a fabulous time. HSBC, UBS, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, E*TRADE, Barclays Capital, Fimat, Lehman Brothers, Beauchamp Linedata, White and Case, Credit Suisse, Swiss Financial Services, Citco, Cantor Fitzgerald and Fortis are all sponsoring, so if you are a client of one of this lot, call them now and reserve your ticket. Without the support of the sponsors, we wouldn't be able to make this happen.

For more information on the 2006 awards, click here.

Organised by


The nominees in all 19 categories were selected by an independent panel of  judges based on both quantitative data and qualitative knowledge of the funds listed in the Eurekahedge database.

The 5 judges are:

Peter Douglas,
Principal, GFIA, Singapore & Chairman,
AIMA Singapore Chapter
Richard Johnston,
Managing Director,
Albourne Partners,
Hong Kong
David Walter,
KBC Alpha,
John Knox,
KGR Capital,
Hong Kong
Akane Hashimoto,
Head of Hedge Funds,

1Please note that an alternative panel of judges decided on the shortlist for the Best Asian Funds of Funds category.

The nominees are as follows:

Regional Awards

Best Asian Hedge Fund

Sponsored by

  • CC Asia Absolute Return Fund
  • Dragon Billion Greater China Fund
  • Monsoon India Inflection Fund
  • PD Star Fund
  • Pinpoint China Fund
  • Qinhan China Fund
  • Swordfish Fund
  • Telligent Greater China Fund
  • Trophy Fund

Best Japan Hedge Fund

Sponsored by

  • Akamatsu Fund
  • Calypso Daikoku Fund
  • DB Equilibria Japan Fund
  • Hadoh Fund
  • Optimal Japan Fund
  • Rockhampton Fund
  • SSgA Japan Equity Market Neutral Fund
  • Yaraka Fund

Best Asia ex-Japan Hedge Fund

Sponsored by

  • ASM Asian Recovery Fund
  • CC Asia Absolute Return Fund
  • Dragon Billion Greater China Fund
  • Pinpoint China Fund
  • TCG IndiaStar Fund

Best Indian Hedge Fund

Sponsored by

  • Helios Strategic Limited
  • India Capital Fund
  • Kuvera Fund
  • Marshal Asia Opportunities Fund
  • Monsoon India Inflection Fund
  • TCG IndiaStar Fund

Best China Hedge Fund

Sponsored by

  • Acru China + Absolute Return Fund
  • Dragon Billion Greater China Fund
  • Pinpoint China Fund
  • Qinhan China Fund
  • Telligent Greater China Fund
  • UG-Adwell Great Wall Absolute Return Fund
  • UG Hidden Dragon Undervalued Assets Fund
  • Value Partners China Hedge Fund

Best Local Hedge Fund (Singapore-based)

Sponsored by

  • Areca Partners Limited
  • Artradis AB2 Fund
  • Binjai Hill Asian Acorns Fund
  • Helios Strategic Limited
  • Octagon Pan Asia Fund
  • Swordfish Fund
  • UG Great Wall Hidden Value Fund
  • UG Hidden Dragon Balance Fund

Best New Asian Hedge Fund Launch

Sponsored by

  • 777 Fund
  • Altima India Fund
  • Antipodean Capital Management Diversified CTA Strategy
  • Aperta Japan Long/Short Fund
  • Clean Resources Asia Fund
  • Infiniti China Opportunities Fund
  • MICH Fund
  • Monterey Japan Equity Fund
  • Myojo Riodas Fund
  • Tantallon Smaller Companies Fund
  • The SFP Asia Fund

Strategic Mandate Awards

Best Asian Long Short Equities Fund

Sponsored by

  • Areca Partners Limited
  • Binjai Hill Asian Acorns Fund
  • CC Asia Absolute Return Fund
  • Dragon Billion China Fund
  • Dragon Billion Greater China Fund
  • Marco Polo Pure China Fund
  • MIR Absolute Return Fund
  • Peak Asian Absolute Return Fund
  • Trophy Fund
  • Whitefield Asian Opportunities Fund

Best Asian Multi-Strategy Fund

Sponsored by

  • Artradis AB2 Fund
  • Basis Pac-Rim Opportunity Fund
  • Cannizaro Asia Fund
  • Ginger Capital Fund
  • Phalanx Japan-AustralAsia Multi-Strategy Fund
  • Pinpoint China Fund
  • Qinhan China Fund
  • Sattva Asia Opportunities Fund
  • Stark Asia Fund
  • UG Hidden Dragon Balance Fund
  • UG Formosa Multi-Strategy Fund

Best Asian Relative Value Fund

Sponsored by

  • Harrier Investment Fund
  • Lynx Arbitrage Fund
  • PD Star Fund
  • RAB Northwest Warrant Fund
  • SSgA Japan Equity Market Neutral Fund
  • Titan Asia Volatility Fund
  • UG Formosa Patriot Fund
  • Venus Arbitrage Fund

Best Asian (based) Global Macro Fund

Sponsored by

  • Japan Macro Fund
  • Qi Capital Asian Macro Fund
  • Swordfish Fund Limited
  • Vegasoul Fund

Best Asian Fixed Income Fund

Sponsored by

  • Asian CRC Hedge Fund
  • Asian Credit Hedge Fund
  • The Asian Debt Fund
  • Tribridge AF1 Fund
  • Tricom Income Fund

Best Asian Arbitrage Fund

Sponsored by

  • Ishin Master Fund
  • UG Great Wall Hidden Value Fund

Best Asian (based) CTA/Managed Futures Fund

Sponsored by

  • Active Global Commodities Fund
  • Antipodean Capital Management A$ Currency Fund
  • Grinham Diversified Program

Best Asian Distressed Debt Fund

Sponsored by

  • ADM Galleus Fund
  • Ashmore Asian Recovery Fund
  • ASM Asia Recovery Fund
  • The Asian Debt Fund

Best Asian Event Driven Fund

Sponsored by

  • Austral Equity Fund
  • Austral Opportunities Fund
  • Axix Asia Absolute Fund
  • Harmony Investment Fund Feeder 1 Limited
  • MM&E Capital Investment Trust No. 1
  • MQ Special Events Fund
  • Quam Greater China Segregated Portfolio
  • Rubicon Asia Special Events Offshore Fund
  • Rubicon M&A Fund
  • The SFP Value Realization Fund

Best Asian Long-only Absolute Return Fund

  • Allard Growth Fund
  • ARN Newly Industrialised Economies Fund
  • Atlantis China Fortune Fund
  • Blackhorse Emerging Enterprises Fund
  • CAM-GTF Limited
  • Parvest China
  • PXP Vietnam Fund
  • Target Asia Fund

Best Asian Fund of Hedge Funds

Sponsored by

  • AJIA Partners Asian Opportunity Fund
  • BlackRock Asia Pacific Partners
  • BT Total Return Fund
  • KBC Asia Fund of Funds
  • Penjing Asia Fund
  • Persistent Edge Asia Partners
  • SGL Asia
  • Swiss-Asia Genghis Hedge Fund
  • Tiger Selection Holdings

Special Achievement Award

Sponsored by

  • Winner to be announced

If you have any comments about or contributions to make to this newsletter, please email


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