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The RICE Fund: Returns Invested in Children and Education
June 2006

RICE, Returns Invested in Children and Education, is a philanthropic fund for the alternative investment industry in Asia. 100% of the donations we receive are spent on improving the lives of the children of the region in which you do business.

We have a use for your time, your ideas, your skills and your money.

We are compiling a database of skills which people wish to donate, whether to RICE itself, or to the projects we support. These skills may be accounting, business, legal, technical or marketing. They may be in your head, or in your hands. It may be as simple as a visit to one of our projects, or as complicated as a week spent teaching people how to use computers. These skills may be yours, your family’s, your employees’ or their families’.

As to your money, every cent you give will be spent directly on children in need. It will build them classrooms. It will give them a safe place to live. It will feed them. It will give them life-saving medicine and treatment. It will give them opportunity. We promise you, your money will do this.

As we launch RICE, we wish to give you the opportunity of becoming a Founding Contributor by working one day for RICE. If you donate one day of your management fee, or your income, or your business unit’s income, that is your annual total divided by 250, or 0.4% or 40bps, however you want to say it, you will become a Founding Contributor to RICE. Your name will be on the website and you will be given a certificate, which you can hang in your lobby so that strangers will know that you are a good person.

We want to know what you think, we want to know what you can do, and we want your money. Please visit the website at or email us at


If you have any comments about or contributions to make to this newsletter, please email


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